Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Current Market Trends For Commodity

A trend means that prices are regularly moving higher or lower over a time. It is considering an uptrend if prices are moving higher over time. It is suggested that a downturn if prices are decreasing over a period of time.

The reason behind following the market trend is that prices are more likely to pursue in that same direction than reverse. You put the uneven much more in your assist by trading this way. Many expert money managers trade with a trend-following philosophy and innumerable commodity trading systems are made around trend-following formulas.

Tips to Follow the Trend:

You never know how long or short a market is going to move. Therefore, if you are following market trends, you are likely to catch some very beneficial moves in the commodity markets.

 When you spot a trend, there are two common ways to enter the markets:

There are two constituents to trend, direction and duration. Markets trend are divided into three directions, up, down and sideways. Markets do not move regularly in one direction, but tend to be abnormal. Within this unusual behaviour a trend will be present. Trends are characterized by a series of crest and troughs. An uptrend is a series of rising crest and troughs, a downtrend depicts a series of descending crest and troughs. A sideways tend is a series of horizontal crest and troughs, with prices moving within a reach, failing to make new highs at the peak of the price range and lose out to make new lows at the ground of the price range.

Trend span is also made up of three times periods; major, intermediate and minor. The major trend will have span of six to eight months or longer and is best depicted by weekly and monthly bar charts. Within the major trend important corrections or reversals of trend will be presented; these would be intermediate and minor trends within the major trend. The intermediate trend remains of three weeks to three months and the minor trend is something less, from two to three weeks in span. Equara Research will provide more information regarding current market trends.


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