Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Current trends and rules of Intraday

Intraday means within the same day of trading. Intraday word is generally used in the world of finance.  It is normally used when of talking about market trends. Intraday speaks of as trading trends of a single day and in allusion to particular stocks and indices of stock market. To make the greatest money in Indian Share market along with current trading rules to escape from the losses, follow the below Intraday Tips plus advises of our professional Expert and professional traders.

1) Trade along with Trend of the current Market, if the market is lowering, then first sell and buy later.

2) Don’t be so greedy because sometimes it lend you a heavy loss so, book your profits at a continuous period of intervals.  

3) Always keep a positive attitude while Intraday trading in stock market. It may change or remain unstable in the Stock Market.

4) Always target for that Day trade along with a decided stop-loss at the time of intraday trading. During the day you don’t alter that stop-loss.

5) Keep Daily Targets of Profits as well as Losses Always keep Daily Profit and Loss Target according to your risk appetite. 

6) Always try to acquire some experience from your profits and your losses that you meet while doing intraday trading. Our Professional experts at Equara Research provides Intraday Tips so you may not make any mistake in the coming future of and we will try our best to step aside your mistakes that you have done in the past years of stock markets.

7) Always we have observed that, if the trading done by heart, not by smart brain then you will always be on a losing side, so when of doing intraday trading keep aside your mental emotions and try to trade with the help of your smart brains not by your heart.

8) Excess trading is dangerous tool of self dissolving. We advice Always trade in predetermined limits and need not to overtake the margins by depositing extra money during the day or calling brokers. So don’t over trade your hard-earned capital.

9) It is real fact that no one can always make profits in stock market day trading. Accept the losses and take off the thought of monetary loss, if you get loss in trading. Stop thinking about the monetary losses but you need to remember losing and wining is the two faces of the Day trading

10) In the Share Market don’t risk your emergency money. So you should always keep your money safe for emergency in share market. As if you lose your hard-earned money in the critical conditions, your life along with your family has to face the problem.


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